Uyghur Digital Library 

Introduction to Uyghur Digital Library: The Uyghur Digital Library is a comprehensive online repository that aims to collect and preserve a wide range of materials, information, and sources pertaining to Uyghur life and culture. It serves as a vital resource for the study, preservation, and development of Uyghur heritage within the diaspora. As the […]

The Uyghur Album Project

Introduction: The Uyghur Album, is an online collection comprising valuable photos, images, and pictures that encapsulate the Uyghur people, their history, culture, and Uyghurstan. This platform operates as an integral component of the Uyghur Library, administered by the Uyghur National Institute. Carefully curated from various sources, including photo collectors and online repositories, these images […]

About the Uyghur Genocide Research Center 

Uyghur Genocide Research Center  The Uyghur Genocide Research Center, a program affiliated with the Uyghur Union and Uyghur National Institute, is committed to gathering evidence, conducting research, educating about the Uyghur genocide, and advocating for action to prevent the ongoing elimination of the Uyghur people. It serves as a resource hub and platform for information […]

The atrocities and crimes the CCP committed against the Uyghur people

The atrocities and crimes the CCP committed against the Uyghur people Prepared by Uyghur Genocide Research Center Internment camps: An estimated 3 million Uyghurs have been forcibly detained in camps, often referred to as concentration camps, in Uyghuristan, China. Inside these facilities, they endure horrifying conditions including severe hunger, intensive daily political indoctrination, sexual assault, […]

Uyghur National Institute

Uyghur National Institute: The Uyghur National Institute conducts research on various issues related to the Uyghur people and Uyghurology, such as Uyghur history, culture, political, and economic situation, as well as human rights abuses committed by the Chinese government. I also provide advice and solutions to support Uyghur groups.  Several major research projects include […]