Uyghur Language Service ( Since 2001)

Uyghur Language Service


Uyghur language services operate under Uyghur National Institute and have provided services to multiple Uyghur and global partners. The serviced ULS provides include a range of language-related support for individuals or organizations : 

  1. Translation: Uyghur language services translate written documents, such as legal documents, business contracts, academic papers, or personal correspondence, from Uyghur to another language or vice versa.
  2. Interpretation: Uyghur language interpreters facilitate communication between Uyghur-speaking individuals and those who speak a different language. This can be in-person interpretation for meetings, conferences, or events, or remote interpretation via phone or video conferencing.
  3. Localization: Uyghur language services adapt content, such as websites, software applications, or marketing materials, to ensure they are culturally appropriate and linguistically accurate for the Uyghur-speaking audience.
  4. Transcription: Uyghur language services transcribe audio or video recordings from Uyghur into written text, which can be useful for legal proceedings, research purposes, or content creation.
  5. Language Training: Uyghur language services provide language training and courses for individuals or groups who wish to learn the Uyghur language, whether for personal, academic, or professional purposes.
  6. Cultural Consultation: Uyghur language services can offer guidance and consultation on Uyghur culture, customs, and etiquette to individuals or organizations seeking to better understand and engage with the Uyghur community.
  7. Sharing news and updates about Uyghur language studies and events related to the Uyghur language.
  8. Sharing sources and content about learning the Uyghur language.

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