The atrocities and crimes the CCP committed against the Uyghur people

Uyghur Genocide

The atrocities and crimes the CCP committed against the Uyghur people

Prepared by Uyghur Genocide Research Center

Internment camps:

An estimated 3 million Uyghurs have been forcibly detained in camps, often referred to as concentration camps, in Uyghuristan, China. Inside these facilities, they endure horrifying conditions including severe hunger, intensive daily political indoctrination, sexual assault, inhumane medical experiments, torture, organ harvesting, and even murder. As a result of these atrocities, countless children have been orphaned, losing their parents to this cruel and relentless oppression. 


Elimination of Uyghur elite

Uyghur elites, scholars, business and religious leaders, artists, and even Uyghur leaders appointed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are arrested, imprisoned for life, and eliminated.

Family separation and sinicization  of Uyghur children:

Children are forcibly separated from their parents, while the parents are sent to prisons or labor camps. The children are then placed in boarding schools, where they undergo a process of cinicization of indoctrination aimed at instilling Chinese language, patriotic identity, and cultural assimilation.

Banning Uyghur language, history and identity; 

The Uyghur language, Uyghur books, and cultural elements were prohibited in schools, and Uyghur history was systematically removed from the curriculum.

Criminalize and destroy Islam: 

Religious leaders were sentenced to prison, mosques were destroyed, Qurans were burned, prayers and fasting during Ramadan were prohibited and led to arrests, beards and Muslim names were banned, people were forced to consume non-halal food and alcohol, and individuals were coerced  to renounce their faith and deny their Muslim identity.

Forced sterilization and abortions:

Uyghur women are forced to be sterilized or fitted with contraceptive devices (IUDs) in an apparent attempt to limit the population of Uyghur.

Destroying Uyghur  culture: 

CCP destroyed Uyghur culture and heritage, arrested the teachers of Uyghur tradition, banned Uyghur music and dance from schools,  closed or transformed cultural sites and Uyghur homes, and burned cultural books.

Coerced marriages and trafficking of Uyghur women:

After the arrest of young Uyghur men, the CCP coerced millions of Uyghur women into marrying Han Chinese men in order to compensate for the gender imbalance caused by the long-standing male-preferred one-child policy. and traffciked thousands of young Uyghur women to inland China under the name of labor transfer.Reports claim Uyghur women used as sex slaves.

surveillance state:

Through the utilization of advanced technologies like facial recognition, mandatory collection of DNA samples, retina scans, and voice recognition,China established a comprehensive surveillance state in Uyghuristan, instilling Uyghurs with a pervasive sense of terror and inflicting lasting psychological harm.

Economic exploitation: 

The Chinese Government imprisoned wealthy Uyghur individuals and seized their assets and properties, resulting in the near-complete confiscation of Uyghur wealth. This has pushed Uyghurs into a state of extreme poverty and destitution.

Organ harvesting:

Uyghur detainees in concentration camps face covert executions or forced sedation during organ removal, which is sold within China’s tightly regulated market.

Forced labor:

Millions of Uyghur young men and women are forced to leave their homes and work as cheap labors in highly controlled factories and labor camps across the region and inland China.

Restrictions on Freedom of Movement and Communication

Uyghurs are prohibited from leaving China as their passports are confiscated, and Uyghur families are barred from communicating with relatives abroad.

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