Uyghur Union Congratulates Taiwan on Presidential Inauguration

The Uyghur Union extends its heartfelt congratulations to [Name], the newly inaugurated President of Taiwan. This momentous occasion marks a significant step forward for the Taiwanese people in their ongoing pursuit of democracy and human rights. The Uyghur community, dedicated to the restoration of an independent state of Uyghurstan, identifies strongly with the people of […]

Uyghur Union Urges Firm Action Against TikTok to Protect American Values and National Security

The Uyghur Union strongly supports efforts by the United States government to address the dangers posed by TikTok and its parent company ByteDance, which is ultimately controlled by the Chinese government. We have serious concerns about ByteDance’s documented practices of suppressing content related to Uyghurs, Tibetans, and other marginalized groups, as well as its misuse […]

Uyghur Union Stands in Support of Bill for Improved Work Authorization for Asylum Seekers

Nov 16, 2023 The Uyghur Union proudly supports the Asylum Seeker Work Authorization Act, advocating for reduced waiting and processing times for work authorization for asylum seekers in the United States. This initiative aligns with our commitment to human rights and provides opportunities for those seeking refuge to rebuild their lives. We stand in solidarity […]

Statement: Urgent Appeal for President Biden to Address Uyghur Genocide with Xi Jinping

Uyghur Union- Under the banner of the Uyghur Union, we urgently call upon President Joe Biden to address the ongoing Uyghur genocide during his upcoming engagements with Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping. The systematic human rights abuses against the Uyghur community demand immediate attention and intervention. The mounting evidence of mass detentions, forced labor, cultural erasure, […]