Statement: Urgent Appeal for President Biden to Address Uyghur Genocide with Xi Jinping

Uyghur Union

Uyghur Union-

Under the banner of the Uyghur Union, we urgently call upon President Joe Biden to address the ongoing Uyghur genocide during his upcoming engagements with Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping. The systematic human rights abuses against the Uyghur community demand immediate attention and intervention.

The mounting evidence of mass detentions, forced labor, cultural erasure, and other atrocities in the Uyghur homeland (officially known as XUAR) is deeply troubling. As a beacon of democracy and human rights, the United States has a moral obligation to stand against such egregious violations and press for accountability.

We urge President Biden to use diplomatic channels to raise the Uyghur genocide prominently in discussions with Xi Jinping. It is crucial to emphasize the international community’s concern and the need for China to uphold human rights standards.

The Uyghur Union believes that President Biden’s influential voice can make a significant impact in urging China to end the atrocities against the Uyghur population.

We call on President Biden to use his diplomatic influence to press for:

  1. Ensure unrestricted access for independent investigators to the Uyghur homeland (XUAR) to assess the situation firsthand.
  2. Call for an immediate cessation of mass detentions, forced labor, and cultural assimilation policies.
  3. Advocate for accountability for those responsible for human rights abuses.
  4. Demand the release of all imprisoned Uyghurs.
  5. Support the right of Uyghurs to reunite with their separated family members.
  6. Advocate for the freedom of Uyghurs to use their own languages in education and public life.
  7. Call for an end to travel restrictions imposed on Uyghurs.
  8. Advocate for the right of Uyghurs to express themselves without any pressure.
  9. Demand an immediate end to the tragic and illegal immigration policy that transfers Uyghurs to inland China and Chinese migrants to the Uyghur homeland.
  10. Call for an end to the forceful interracial marriage policy between Uyghur women and Chinese men.

It is our collective responsibility to ensure that the Uyghur genocide is not overlooked in diplomatic engagements. President Biden has the opportunity to champion justice, human rights, and the values that define our nation.


Uyghur Union Team

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