Birtor Uyghur Online Hub: Connecting Uyghur Websites in the Diaspora


Birtor, meaning “one net” in English, is an Uyghur online listings portal that serves as a comprehensive directory of Uyghur language websites. Established in January 2023, Birtor has successfully compiled and listed over 300 Uyghur websites that cater to the Uyghur community worldwide. This platform offers a convenient one-page resource for individuals seeking to navigate and access Uyghur websites efficiently.

As an integral part of the Uyghur Times and a member of the Uyghur Press Club, Birtor aims to enhance connectivity, knowledge sharing, development, understanding, cooperation, and mutual support among Uyghurs across the globe through the use of the internet and technology. With its primary focus on promoting Uyghur political and national existence, the Birtor website ( introduces Uyghur and non-Uyghur users to a wide range of websites, apps, blogs, and software related to various fields such as culture, education, technology, economy, lifestyle, health, and literature. The websites listed on Birtor have been meticulously sorted and organized for ease of access and exploration.

The dispersed nature of the Uyghur diaspora and the limited means of communication have created a negative social environment characterized by fragmented connections and a lack of cohesive interaction among Uyghurs. The reliance on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp has imposed limitations on comprehensive communication and understanding. Consequently, talented individuals have remained unrecognized, leading to a diminished social presence. The absence of smooth professional networking and cooperation further compounds feelings of low self-esteem, depression, and tension within the community. Furthermore, political differences have been exploited to propagate negativity, tension, and the dissemination of detrimental messages.

In such circumstances, Birtor aims to bridge these gaps by providing a centralized platform where Uyghur websites can be easily accessed, fostering enhanced connectivity and engagement among Uyghurs worldwide. By promoting the visibility and accessibility of Uyghur language websites, Birtor strives to empower the Uyghur community, encourage collaboration, and foster a positive online presence for Uyghurs in the professional field.

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