Uyghur online Forum (Munber): 

Uyghur Forum

A Platform for the Exchange of Ideas


The Uyghur Online  Forum, hosted on, is a dedicated platform designed to facilitate the sharing and exchange of ideas, essays, and discussions among the Uyghur diaspora community in the Uyghur language. Founded in 2021 by Tahir Imin, this forum is an integral part of Uyghur Times.

Inspired by previous websites such as Diyarim, Xabnam, Salkin, Misranim, Bagdax, and Izdinix, which were forcefully taken down by the Chinese government following the Urumqi crackdown in July 5th and the 2017 Genocide campaign, the Uyghur Discussion Forum serves as a free platform for individuals to share their unique perspectives, op-eds, and information on various aspects of Uyghur life.

With over 1000 registered members, the forum operates under the Uyghur Times Uyghur edition. All posts undergo an editorial review process; however, they are not required to align with all principles of Uyghur Times. The forum embraces diverse ideas, reflecting both conservative and liberal viewpoints. Uyghur Times respects the autonomy of the forum’s content unless it breaches the boundaries of truth, and objectivity, or resorts to personal defamation.

Moreover, the Uyghur Forum provides an opportunity for writers to contribute and publish their essays on the website, further fostering intellectual discourse within the Uyghur community.

(Note: The term “munber” translates to “discussion” in English.)

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