Uyghur Digital Library 

Introduction to Uyghur Digital Library:

The Uyghur Digital Library is a comprehensive online repository that aims to collect and preserve a wide range of materials, information, and sources pertaining to Uyghur life and culture. It serves as a vital resource for the study, preservation, and development of Uyghur heritage within the diaspora. As the largest online source dedicated to the Uyghur people, the Uyghur Digital Library was established in January 2021 by Tahir Imin and operates as a significant project under the Uyghur National Institute of the Uyghur Union.

Within the Uyghur Library, several distinct projects contribute to its extensive collection, including the Uyghur Books Database, Uyghur Album Project, Uyghur Classical Music Database, and Uyghur Cultural Database. These initiatives are diligently carried out by a team of passionate Uyghur volunteers committed to the collection and preservation of valuable data concerning Uyghur culture and history.

While the Uyghur Digital Library has received support from its founder and dedicated individuals, additional financial backing is essential to sustain and expand its services and capacities. The continued success of this project relies on the collective effort to provide the necessary resources for its ongoing operation and growth.

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