Birtor Uyghur Online Hub: Connecting Uyghur Websites in the Diaspora

Birtor, meaning “one net” in English, is an Uyghur online listings portal that serves as a comprehensive directory of Uyghur language websites. Established in January 2023, Birtor has successfully compiled and listed over 300 Uyghur websites that cater to the Uyghur community worldwide. This platform offers a convenient one-page resource for individuals seeking to navigate […]

Uyghur online Forum (Munber): 

A Platform for the Exchange of Ideas Website: The Uyghur Online  Forum, hosted on, is a dedicated platform designed to facilitate the sharing and exchange of ideas, essays, and discussions among the Uyghur diaspora community in the Uyghur language. Founded in 2021 by Tahir Imin, this forum is an integral part of Uyghur […]

Uyghur Radio International and the programs

Uyghur Radio International, also known as Uyghur Radio, is an online platform for universal audio programs under the Uyghur Times. The platform aims to create, collect, store, and distribute diverse audio content covering literature, culture, music, politics, history, and religion, as well as lectures on personal development, psychology, and language. Founded in December 2022 by […]

Uyghur Press Association:

Uyghur Media Association: The Uyghur Media Fund was established to safeguard free speech and provide support to journalists, Uyghur media outlets, and websites that are committed to reporting on Uyghurs in Uyghuristan and the diaspora. As part of its efforts, the Fund introduced the Uyghur Freedom Award to honor individuals who have advocated for the […]