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Uyghur Radio-International

Uyghur Radio International, also known as Uyghur Radio, is an online platform for universal audio programs under the Uyghur Times. The platform aims to create, collect, store, and distribute diverse audio content covering literature, culture, music, politics, history, and religion, as well as lectures on personal development, psychology, and language.

Founded in December 2022 by Tahir Imin, an Uyghur academic and activist, Uyghur Radio provides a universal audio platform and content for the Uyghur community in the diaspora. The content is accessible through the official website,, and various social media platforms. It is important to note that Uyghur Radio operates solely on the founder’s personal budget and has not received any financial support from external entities.


  1. Uyghur Weekly News show (ئۇيغۇر ھەپتىلىكى): A weekly news program in Uyghur, Turkish, and English that covers major Uyghur issues, diaspora life, Chinese politics, and international responses to the Uyghur genocide.

To listen to the show, visit:

  1. Hediche Gulazri (Garden) (خەدىچە گۈلزارى): A popular weekly radio program hosted by a renowned former Uyghur radio show host from China’s state-run XJTV. It covers daily life, literature, society, culture, best quotes, and historical bios of individuals.

To listen to the show, visit:

  1. Zekiye Unchiliri (Jewels) (زەكىيە ئۈنچىلىرى): Another popular program on Uyghur radio, where Zekiye, a psychology researcher, shares valuable content and advice from books and classics in psychology. The Uyghur translation of “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl, narrated by Zekiye with a captivating voice and accompanied by great music, has inspired many Uyghurs in the diaspora facing China’s genocide and transnational oppression.

To listen to the show, visit:

  1. Ipar Sadasi: (The Voice of Ipar) ئىپار ساداسى: Hosted by Iparhan, a human rights advocate and scholar based in Istanbul, this program aims to connect with the audience and create an atmosphere of Uyghur literature. Iparhan selects the best Uyghur poems and short stories written by Uyghur writers and poets who have suffered in camps and prisons in China.

To listen to the show, visit:

  1. Uyghur Spirit-Uyghur Rohi: (ئۇيغۇرروھى): An inspirational and educational series created and hosted by Tahir Imin. With over 30 episodes on motivation, personal development, Uyghurness, Uyghur values, and responsibility, the speeches on the Uyghur spirit have gained recognition among general audiences, intellectuals, and activists. The series is available on the Uyghar Edu and Uyghur YouTube channels.

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