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Uyghar Edu

Uyghar Edu Project

ئۇيغار مائارىپى

Knowledge for Survival and Development

Uyghar Edu is an online education and talk program dedicated to collecting, creating, and spreading the contents of knowledge and ideas through professional education and lectures. The term “Uyghar” means “civilized, high-minded, or humane” in Turkish, derived from the name of the Uyghur people, who are recognized as civilized and high-minded among the old Turkish tribes. A Turkish proverb states, “Uygarlik (civilization) comes from Uyghurs.” Uyghar Edu was founded by Tahir Imin, an Uyghur academic and activist, in May 2022. The program has been running based on the personal donations of the founder.

Mission: Uyghar Edu aims to create an online education platform for Uyghurs in the diaspora that spreads knowledge for national survival and personal development.

What We Do:

  • Collect, create, and share valuable content that spreads knowledge, skills, and ideas.
  • Organize and discover experts and gurus who can share valuable content.

What We Have Done:

Uyghar Talks has produced more than 50 episodes about personal development, politics, and social sciences in Uyghur, and shared over 100 short educational videos. It has been recognized by the general public as one of the most important projects for the Uyghur diaspora to preserve Uyghur identity and culture and create a platform for intellectual exchange.


Uyghar Edu, through its website uyghar.com and social media channels, collects, creates, and shares educational content on all subjects relevant to the Uyghur community.

Social media platforms:

  • Twitter: twitter.com/uyghar
  • Instagram: instagram.com/uygharedu
  • Facebook: facebook.com/uygharedu

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