About Uyghar Edu and Uyghar Talks

Uyghar Edu Project ئۇيغار مائارىپى Knowledge for Survival and Development Uyghar Edu is an online education and talk program dedicated to collecting, creating, and spreading the contents of knowledge and ideas through professional education and lectures. The term “Uyghar” means “civilized, high-minded, or humane” in Turkish, derived from the name of the Uyghur people, who […]

Uyghar Education: www.uyghar.com

Uyghar Education is an online educational platform and lecture forum that facilitates the creation and publication of educational content in Uyghur and English, including language, culture, art, computer science, personal development and communication, management and economics, and political science. ​​Uyghar Talks created and shared over 100 educational videos on social media and their website. Uyghar […]