Tahir Imin

Tahir Imin Founder and Chief advisor Tahir Imin is an Uyghur scholar of Uyghur language and political science, human rights advocate, and former political prisoner (2005-2007). He is the founder of Uyghur Times, a media organization to cover the Uyghur situation. Tahir initiated the Uyghur Union in 2020, organizing the Uyghur intellectuals to work on […]

International Outreach and Diplomacy Committee

Uyghur Foreign Affairs Committee: UFAC works towards advancing the interests of Uyghurs in the international arena. This includes engaging with foreign governments and organizations to advocate for the rights and representation of Uyghurs, promoting Uyghur culture and history, and raising awareness about the human rights abuses and persecution of Uyghurs in China. The committee works […]

Uyghur Humanitarian Center

Uyghur Humanitarian Committee: The Uyghur Humanitarian Committee (UHC) endeavors to offer humanitarian assistance and backing to Uyghur people within the Uyghur homeland and the diaspora who are confronted with different humanitarian crises, human rights violations, discrimination, and persecution. The organization connects the affected persons with resources, provides rescue and assistance to those who are at […]

Uyghur Business Association: 

Uyghur Business Association:  UBA works to promote and support Uyghur entrepreneurs and businesses both within the Uyghur homeland and in the diaspora. Our work involves providing resources and networking opportunities for Uyghur business owners, advocating for policies that support Uyghur businesses, and raising awareness about the unique challenges faced by Uyghur entrepreneurs. We also work […]

Uyghur Heritage Foundation

Uyghur Heritage Foundation: The Uyghur Heritage Foundation works towards the preservation of Uyghur heritage in the diaspora by documenting, studying, and collecting data and cultural sources about Uyghur culture and artifacts. It also works with Uyghur communities to preserve and promote traditional practices, music, dance, and other forms of cultural expression. It also engages in […]