Uyghur Business Association: 

Uyghur Business Association

Uyghur Business Association: 

UBA works to promote and support Uyghur entrepreneurs and businesses both within the Uyghur homeland and in the diaspora. Our work involves providing resources and networking opportunities for Uyghur business owners, advocating for policies that support Uyghur businesses, and raising awareness about the unique challenges faced by Uyghur entrepreneurs. We also work to promote trade and economic opportunities between Uyghur businesses and other countries or regions and provide educational resources and training programs for Uyghur entrepreneurs to help them succeed in the global marketplace.

The main projects are: 

1-Uyghur Business (UB) Education 2-U-B Network 3-Uyghur Capital 4-Uyghur E-market 5-Uyghur House Market

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