About the Uyghur Children’s Fund

Notes: The Uyghur Children’s Fund project is currently in the development phase, and the plan and activities of the project will be updated accordingly.

The objective of the Uyghur Children’s Fund is to provide comprehensive support and empowerment to Uyghur children worldwide. The fund focuses on various areas such as facilitating access to education, offering psychosocial support, providing humanitarian assistance, delivering language and cultural training, and developing identity programs. Additionally, the fund aims to publish books and materials that cater to the specific needs of Uyghur children, ensuring their growth and well-being.

The Uyghur Children’s Fund and Shehribanu Girls Award were founded by Tahir Imin on April 10, 2023, the 12th birthday of his daughter Shehribanu.  Tahir and his daughter, Shehribanu, have been separated by the Chinese government since 2017.  In the announcement, Tahir said he donated $10,000 to start the initiative “As a way of celebrating her special day, I have decided to launch two meaningful initiatives in honor of my beloved daughter”.

Uyghur Children Fund” focuses on supporting Uyghur children and future generations in the Uyghur diaspora globally.  

  1. Educational Support:
    • Establish scholarships or grants to provide financial assistance for Uyghur children pursuing higher education.
    • Create tutoring programs or online platforms to offer academic support and mentorship for Uyghur students.
    • Develop language programs or initiatives to preserve and promote the Uyghur language among younger generations.
    • Collaborate with educational institutions to develop cultural exchange programs that allow Uyghur students to connect with their heritage.
  2. Cultural Preservation:
    • Organize cultural festivals, exhibitions, and workshops to celebrate Uyghur traditions, music, dance, and cuisine.
    • Support the publication and distribution of Uyghur literature, including children’s books, to promote Uyghur cultural identity.
    • Collaborate with Uyghur artists, musicians, and performers to preserve and showcase Uyghur arts and crafts.
    • Document and archive Uyghur cultural heritage to ensure its preservation for future generations.
  3. Communications and Media:
    • Develop platforms or initiatives to amplify the voice of Uyghur children and stories, both within the Uyghur community and to the broader public.
    • Create online platforms or digital resources for Uyghur children to connect with their peers, learn about their culture, and share experiences.
    • Support the production and distribution of Uyghur-language media, including news outlets, radio programs, and online content.
  4. Identity Empowerment:
    • Organize workshops and conferences on Uyghur history, identity, and human rights to empower Uyghur youth and foster a sense of pride in their heritage.
    • Facilitate mentorship programs that connect Uyghur youth with Uyghur professionals and role models from various fields.
    • Develop leadership training programs to equip Uyghur youth with the skills and knowledge needed to advocate for their community’s rights and interests.

5. The Uyghur Children’s Library

The Uyghur Children’s Library initiative aims to mobilize writers to create educational resources such as coursebooks, readers, and stories specifically tailored for Uyghur children. These materials will be published and made available to promote literacy and education among the Uyghur community. Additionally, the initiative seeks to provide a platform for Uyghur children to showcase their own literary works, fostering creativity and self-expression.

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