Uyghur Rescue Committe

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The Uyghur Rescue Committee (URC) is a volunteer-based humanitarian network,affiliate of Uyghur Union, of Uyghur organizations and individuals dedicated to rescuing and assisting Uyghurs and others who are in imminent risk of being deported back to China, where they may face death or imprisonment for their ethnic and religious identity.


While China launched a full-fledged genocide against the Uyghurs at home, it ramped up its global suppression of the Uyghurs through transnational digital surveillance, denial of travel documents to Uyghurs, rendering them stateless and vulnerable to deportation to the PRC, and forcing its allies to deport Uyghurs to China. According to well-documented reports, China has successfully extradited around 300 Uyghurs from Arab countries throughout the years.


URC is not affiliated with any political group and therefore does not represent any politicized interest and ideology of any person who might or have contributed to help any person URC advocated to help.

Any one can join URC as volunteers and all activities of URC would be publicly available unless it put the life of any person at risk.