Tahir Imin

Tahir Imin Founder and Chief advisor Tahir Imin is an Uyghur scholar of Uyghur language and political science, human rights advocate, and former political prisoner (2005-2007). He is the founder of Uyghur Times, a media organization to cover the Uyghur situation. Tahir initiated the Uyghur Union in 2020, organizing the Uyghur intellectuals to work on […]

About The Uyghur Union

The Uyghur International Union, also known as Uyghur International,¬† started its activities in Washington in 2020 and is a program and project-based organization aimed at advocating for the freedom, human rights, and democracy of the Uyghur people in their homeland, Uyghuristan. Additionally, it seeks to strengthen the national identity, development, and unity of the Uyghur […]